Be a part of this historic event where Indigenous Elders from North, Central, and South America unite with Wisdom Keepers from around the world to help bring forth a New Planetary Era.

April 17-19 Sedona, AZ 

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The largest gathering of Indigenous Elders since 2009.


Havasupi Tribe Elder, Ambassador and Cultural Guardian.

David Swallow

Lakota Elder from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota.

Rendo Sugimoto

Japanese Elder from the city of Izu-Kogan, Island of Honshu.

Margarita Núñez García

Bringing a message of love from Mother Earth.

Ruben Saufkie

Water Clan of the Hopi People of Arizona, USA.

Dianna WhiteDove Uqualla

Havasupai Elder, ceremonialist, and International Peace Advocate.

Cristabol García

Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar and Cosmology.

Laura Espinoza Cuadras

Global Grandmothers Circles and Gatherings, Elder from Mexico.

Golden Eagle

Native American practitioner, creator of Medicine Water Wheel Ceremonies.

Juan Gabriel

Indigenous Elder of the Qero Nation in the high Andes of Peru.

Carl Johan Calleman

Swedish-American scientist, philosopher, and best-selling author.


Sound healer and future Wisdom Keeper, native of Jalisco, Mexico.

More than 50 Global Representatives will be in attendance.

To heal the ecological crisis, Indigenous wisdom and modern culture must come together to help bring forth a New Vision for humanity.


Our species is facing a global crisis greater than anything we’ve ever known, and the Indigenous knowledge of the Natural World is needed now more than ever.

Re-establishing a harmonious relationship with the Earth is the only way humanity can move into a sustainable future.

Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas––and the world––have maintained a reciprocal relationship with the Earth and have protected the sacred sites and ancestral traditions for thousands of years.

Many Wisdom Keepers are now sharing this knowledge with the modern world in preparation for a new planetary era; an era where modern technology and ancestral knowledge are synthesized to help create a thriving Earth Community.

Your are called to be present, please join us.

Three days of transformative events, including music, health, and yoga to heal the body and awaken the spirit.

Healing Music from Peru


Healing Music from Peru

Alok Ananda

Evolutionary Music with Suns of the Earth
Traditional and Modern Yoga

Mally Paquette

Traditional and Modern Yoga

Bhushan Stone

Magical Folk Music

 In honor of Earth Day we’re excited to present special screenings of two films that offer important solutions to climate change.

The film environmental organizations don

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

The film environmental organizations don’t want you to see.


Join us in bringing forth a New World for our families and future generations.

April 17-19, 2015 Sedona, Arizona

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